Thanks to Banded Peak Brewery for hosting this Sofar Event. As always, Sofar brought very talented performers ranging across a wide range of genres. To start, we got to see a stripped down version of Raleigh playing some of their new songs near the end of their recent tour. Second we had Noble Oak perform live renditions of their catchy, primarily electronic songs. Last, Laura Hickli poured her heart out through her original piano and guitar compositions, showcasing her talent on both instruments and filling it out with diverse and interesting vocal melodies.


  • Tuned the room very well. Speakers were stable with no feedback incidents.
  • Patching plan worked well, and I was able to maintain sound check settings through show on a smaller board.


  • Confirm requirements for videography recording. A Videographer was added last minute, and we scrambled a bit to get her an audio feed before show time.
  • Account for bigger groups, or more instruments better when discussing sound check/event timing.
  • Be more diligent with DI’s (A ground loop was introduced between sound check and performance time, and I did not have a great way to isolate it during the show. I compensated with the Mute button on the channel.





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