This Event was a new experience for me. The Duet on Stage made up of Award Winning Brandon Isaak (Best Acoustic Blues Performer in Canada, 2014) & Keith Picot (Canada’s Best Bass Player, 2011), entertained the audience with Abbott and Costello like Banter and great bouncy tunes played over self produced, silent movie era -slapstick comedy situations. Website:


  • Successful use of the first event Cut Sheet (used to reduce miscommunication among event staff.
  • Trained new tech staff on room tuning, Pre-Show setup and patching. New tech staff ran show successfully as I bar-tended.


  • Try to prompt artists for all of the tech information. Even after sorting the information out, the artists arrived with wireless lav mics to use for the ‘stand-up’ routine. Not a difficult situation to handle, but it was a reminder that surprises can be a lot bigger of a deal if you aren’t prepared.

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