This Christmas Party was Hosted and Catered by Fort Calgary. It was my first Live event with No Refunds. Overall, it went really well. The party featured a separate DJ (1sickDJ) to bridge the gaps between Live sets and to finish the night. It was the first live event for me in which I merged my equipment with the client’s in order to reduce costs for the the event.



  • Merged Equipment worked well. The key to success here was pre-planning patching, routing and stage layout. It took a little bit of assertiveness to ensure smooth division of equipment at the end of the event.
  • Room sounded great. Attributed to focus on tuning the room. I had lots of time to setup which ensured a great sounding system.
  • Walkthrough at the end of the nights ensured an iPad didn’t get left behind.



  • Understand the venue layout better before arriving. I had to load in though an elevator shared with the catering staff which caused a little bit of a bottleneck.
  • Discuss with organizers better, the itinerary for the night and the division of scope between service providers. A video was shown that no one knew about. it caused some frustration when the sound didn’t work through the venue’s system. The DJ managed to cover it by providing a separate feed for the sound.


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