Hosted by The Black Lounge at The University of Calgary, it was nice to be back on my old stomping grounds. The Black Lounge was able to cater for the event. We struggled a bit with fitting SNB 80’s Tribute into the cramped stage allowance, but managed to do it. This show had Nauzer Forbes opening, with a friend and co-artist. His powerful vocals attracted SNB 80’s Tribute to add him to their band’s roster.


  • No incidents being in a cramped space. No damaged gear or skulls. Great sounding night, even with the close proximity of monitors, amps, mic, etc. Handled mic bleed very well, and refined my ‘messy mixing’ skills.


  • Verify building access before arrival. I wasted a bit of time trying to find someone to let me in. I need to have a venue contact for gigs in closed or hard-to access buildings.



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