A Unique Home-Turned-Venue in Calgary hosted this Sofar Sounds Show. The Venue is called Gallery House and the hosts Jackie Bourgaize & Dale Sorensen do everything in their power to make guests and artists feel welcome. They bring people into their beautiful home to fill the room with great music, all while providing the comfort of being in your living room.

Ray McGill opened the evening for us with her soothing voice and relaxed guitar playing. Luke Saunders followed up with a beautiful and moving life story over top a story of driving, high energy songs played on guitar. Kirstyn Johnson brought her Piano on stage and blew everyone away with her talented and full voice, while infecting the audience with her bubbly personality. The night was wrapped up by the maiden performance of Rebecca Janz who sang her heart out over the groovy tracks played by a talented guitar player, bass player, and drummer.


  • Successfully integrated with Gallery House’s Built-In PA to reduce clutter for the evening.
  • Live Recording went OK. Working with a two track interface is difficult, especially with multiple musicians. I ran the vocals isolated, which helped a lot in post production clarity.


  • Don’t forget my computer power adapter. Kirstyn was gracious enough to go and pick one up for me before the show while I completed Sound Checks and setup.
  • Consider renting a larger interface for these shows.




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