A great surprise birthday party that a husband threw for his wife. With a guest list of ~100 people, an open bar, food trucks, a photo booth and live music, this was a party that will be hard to forget.


  • Lit the room well and helped provide enough energy/distraction to help the band keep people on the dance floor.
  • Sounded great! Speeches were made, and inexperienced mic holders flung those things around, and I never had a runaway frequency. I tuned the room well!
  • Navigated a couple technical malfunctions successfully and without too much grievance. Quick thinking/problem solving skills came in handy.


  • Verify power handling of the buildings, and know where the breaker panels are. My old lights tripped a breaker that I could not find. Ended up discounting the client to account for ‘dead’ lights.
  • Verify new equipment. Used an old board that I purchased from an old band mate. It had three dead channels on it, that required some quick thinking on my end.

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